Bathroom Extractor Fans

Bathroom Extractor Fans are not the most visually appealing bathroom accessories, but they are essential for dealing with the wet environment in the bathroom. You need to take extra care to ensure there’s no build-up of mould or other nasty things. Our range of bathroom extractor fans will do all the work for you, making sure that all that excess moisture is sucked from the room for good. There’s a huge range available, depending on your needs and tastes, from motion detector fans to extra condensation control. We stock all the main brands, Xpelair, Manrose, Vent-axia and Greenwood.

  1. Bathroom Fans

    Bathroom Fans

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  2. Over Shower Extractor Fans

    Over Shower Extractor Fans

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  3. xpelair-simply-silent

    Xpelair Simply Silent

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  4. manrose


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  5. vent-axia-bathroom-extractor-fans

    Vent-Axia Bathroom Extractor Fans

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  6. greenwood-airvac

    Greenwood Airvac

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  7. Bathroom Extractor Fan Accessories

    Bathroom Extractor Fan Accessories

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  8. Clearance Bathroom Extractor Fans

    Clearance Bathroom Extractor Fans

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