Stuart Turner Service Kits

Prolong The Life Of Your Shower Pump

Keep your Stuart Turner shower pumps are in full working order with one of our brilliant Stuart Turner Service Kits. The kits included everything you need for many more years of hassle-free use from your shower pump, keeping you enjoying your shower for longer! We’ve got service kits for a number of different shower pumps depending on the head and the year of manufacture so we’re sure we’ve got you covered.

  1. Stuart Turner Submersible Flood Kit - 46638

  2. Stuart Turner Monsoon Universal Service Kit - 28453

  3. Stuart Turner Monsoon Standard Service Kit - 28452

  4. Stuart Turner Monsoon Negative (Pre 2008) Service Kit - 28474

  5. stuart-turner-monsoon-positive-pre-2008-service-kit-28475

    Best Seller!

    Stuart Turner Monsoon Positive (Pre 2008) Service Kit - 28475