Stuart Turner Shower Pump Accessories

Shower pumps are the perfect way of adding a little bit of extra power to your shower. With a shower pump connected to your shower, you can be sure to have an invigorating shower experience each and every time. Our range of Stuart Turner Shower Pumps are designed with quality in mind, striving to achieve the perfect shower for your home. When it comes to installing these shower pumps, you’ll need something to make the installation process as smooth as possible, and that’s where this range of Stuart Turner Shower Pump Accessories comes in.

Make sure you've got all the extras you need to make installing your new shower pump a breeze with our range of ingenious Stuart Turner shower pump accessories. These include Surrey flanges, Essex flanges, and of course, their sound-insulating, anti-vibration mats which certainly help in reducing the sound levels of your pump, meaning you won't wake the house with an early morning shower.

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