Mira Enthuse Electric Showers

Reliability on all water systems with Mira electric showers

Electrical showers offer guaranteed hot water at any time of day so you won’t ever have to worry about the timings of your showers again. Plus if you’re concerned about your gas bill, installing an electric shower could be the perfect choice for you to reduce it. We offer a wide range of contemporary Enthuse electric showers of varied power ratings and features for you to choose that best fit your requirements and desires. All the electric showers on our store are easy to use and are equipped with easy to clean electric shower heads. The in-built heating elements of the electric shower only require a feed of cold water as it’s heated as the water passed through the unit. The shower units are easy to use, with separate controls for the flow and temperature plus an on/off button, and installing your perfect shower has never been easier. They even have an innovative “eco-setting” to help you save energy and water! The Mira Enthuse electric shower unit fits perfectly with your interior because of the perfect combination of white with chrome accessories and highlights. The Mira Enthuse electric shower really is a cost effective way to get performance, functionality and style at an affordable rate.

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    Best Seller!

    Mira Enthuse Electric Shower 9.5KW White & Chrome - 1.1798.002

  2. Mira Enthuse Electric Shower 8.5KW White & Chrome - 1.1798.001