Universal Spares & Accessories

Do you get into the shower thinking that you really need to replace some parts but they’re just too expensive?  Maybe you’re shower head has just had enough or the spray modes have stopped working? If this sounds familiar then you need to take a look at our brilliant range of Universal Shower Spares. Whether you need a new adjustable handset or fixed shower head, riser rail or shower kit, we’ve got you covered with an affordable, long-lasting collection of spares. They’re all finished to a high standard and compatible with standard fittings so fitting is a breeze.

  1. Universal Shower Handsets

    Universal Shower Handsets

    From £3.97
    with 10 choices
  2. Universal Shower Heads

    Universal Shower Heads

    From £19.97
    with 18 products
  3. Universal Shower Kits

    Universal Shower Kits

    From £16.97
    with 7 choices
  4. Universal Riser Rails

    Universal Riser Rails

    From £10.97
    with 2 choices
  5. Universal Shower Hose

    Universal Shower Hose

    From £4.97
    with 4 choices
  6. Universal Shower Spares

    Universal Shower Spares

    From £14.99
    with 1 choices