Aqualisa Q Digital Smart Showers

Introducing the new and exquisitely designed Q™ range of smart mixer showers from AqualisaThey're filled to the brim with impressive features and characteristics which are coupled with impeccable style to produce immense performance in a shower you won’t ever want to leave. At the heart of both ranges is My Q™. My Q™ is intelligent programming which helps you achieve the perfect shower any time of the day, whether you’ve just got up, been at work or even the gym. My Q™ also allows you to set any number of combinations for flow, duration and temperature or for the simpler life use its pre-set ‘Eco’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Family’ modes. Once you’ve found your ideal shower setting the Q™ can repeat this time and time again with zero fuss. Let’s face it we’d all like that perfect showering experience first thing in the morning and with the Aqualisa Q™ it’s a reality.


  1. high-pressure-combi-aqualisa-q-digital-smart-showers

    High Pressure / Combi Aqualisa Q Digital Smart Showers

    8 choices
    From £519.40
  2. gravity-fed-pumped-aqualisa-q-digital-smart-showers

    Gravity Fed / Pumped Aqualisa Q Digital Smart Showers

    8 choices
    From £582.00
  3. aqualisa-q-smart-valves-controllers

    Aqualisa Q Smart Controllers & Accessories

    6 choices
    From £13.94