Salamander CT55XTRA 1.5 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head Regenerative Shower Pump

Salamander CT55XTRA Shower Pump 1.5 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head

11 reviews

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Single Impeller Shower Pump

Single Impeller Shower Pump is designed to help improve your hot or cold water supply to a tap or to pump mixed water from a shower mixer. This pump will help maximise the pressure of your water to make the flow of your tap of shower more powerful.

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Positive Head

A positive head shower pump is designed to be gravity fed, therefor it needs a 'head' of distance (at least a metre) between the pump and the bottom of the cold water cistern. The gravity feed 'kick-starts' the pump, pushing water straight through to your shower. 

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Flexible hoses included

This shower pump comes complete with 2 x 15mm Straight Pushfit Couplers (with Isolating Valve), which are used to link your shower pump to both incoming and outgoing water pipes. These hoses lmit the transfer of vibration from the motor and pump to the associated pipe work, helping to reduce noise and prevent damage to the pump itself.

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The Salamander CT55 Regenerative Single Impeller Shower Pump is the perfect way to boost your water supply to a number of different positive head applications. It can also give a bit of a lift to showers that receive cold water from the mains with a pump that has been converted to a negative head.

Perfectly suited to conventional spray shower heads, a 450 watt output offers plenty of power and, at just 44.5db, the sound won’t ruin the calm and relaxation of your shower.

All in all, this is the perfect way to put a bit more oomph in your showering experience.

Product information:

  • Boost supplies to a variety of positive head applications, including single wash basin, bath and kitchen taps
  • Well suited for showers where the cold is from the mains water and the pump is converted to negative head
  • Suitable for conventional spray shower heads
  • Three year manufacturer’s guarantee


  • Closed head pressure = 55ft head (1.6 bar)
  • Max amps/watts = 2 amps/450 watts
  • Typical Decibel Rating = 44.5 dB
  • Rating = Continuous
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Salamander CT55XTRA Shower Pump 1.5 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head Video

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Construction Plastic
Feed Compatibility Single - Hot OR Cold
Installation Positive Head
Output 1.5 Bar
Pump Type Regenerative

Salamander CT55XTRA Shower Pump 1.5 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head

£113.98 (Inc. VAT)

Stock status: 6 Available
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11 Product Reviews

  • Grymma
    5/ 5

    This little pump is absollutely amazing - so powerful for its size! It comes with a comprehensive colour leaflet detailing the various set-ups in which it can be used. Its very solid and well built, and, at about 12 long, took up very little space and screw-fitted easily to the floor of my hot water tank cupboard, to do its job. My plumber had no problem fitting it at all, especially with the flexi pipes included, and was impressed with the pump. Some additional plumbing and electrical work was required, copper piping, wiring for the mains, and so on. You must use qualified tradesmen. Drawing a bath used to be a painfully slow process, with my hot water tank being at the same level as the bath, but not any longer! It was a pleasure to run the bath for my son this week, and he got to splash around for 10 minutes longer as a result!. Because the pump has a plug, I can switch it off and use water pressure-only to fill the bathroom or kitchen sinks if I want, thus saving electricity as well. I am so glad I bought this!

  • Daniell
    5/ 5

    Fitted this pump in a first floor flat, having some concern about the noise to flat below. The pump is very quiet and this is a big plus for this installation, so no worries. Simple to fit but DO follow instructions for flushing. Works perfectly as hot water booster to shower and two taps. Very pleased with Shower Pumps Service , highly recommended.

  • Janie
    5/ 5

    Great product.. Fair price ! Due to living on Kenya coast humidity and salt air the first one brought here llasted 3 years before corrosion set in. This is my second one and having experienced performance worth using airline weight allowance to carry another back ! Have recommended to others in area who have also purchased.

  • Erkenfelter
    5/ 5

    Well priced, well made. Comes with everything you need to install. I am using it for a shower and it took me, an amateur, about an hour to get up an running. All in all perfect for my needs. I might add though that its a 1.6 bar pump so dont expect much in terms of pressure. You get what you pay for

  • Maren Matthews
    5/ 5

    The pump was installed for a very particular client. It has done what we required in boosting the cold water supply from an existing cold water tank to all taps in the property. Although this didn't have any vibration pads in the mountings there has been little vibration on the installed product

  • Perla Mcdaniel
    5/ 5

    My second purchase of a pump of this specification and meets the duty requirements. Competively priced. Service and delivery performance excellent Fully recommend both pump and supplier outlet

  • Zoe
    5/ 5

    Bought this to assist the flow of hot water during bathroom installation. Its small, compact and quiet. Price from Plumbworld was cheapest on line with free delivery.

  • Mikefincat
    5/ 5

    Well designed and built pump which meets my requirements as a replacement for old one over 10 years old for a home shower. Would recommend this to anyone.

  • Dashawn Woodward
    4/ 5

    I ordered this pump in order to solve the problem I have been having with poor hot water pressure. The pump arrived promptly and the information from the shower shop insured that I was able to collect the item when delivered. On first inspection the pump looked sterdy and well built. My plumber found the pump easy to install however on further reserch found we would have to get the salamander S flange to go on the cylinder tank to insure the pump was compatible. Once installed the pump operates on demand when the hot water taps or shower are operated and it deliveres a very good pressure to the shower head despite being on the same level as the cylinder tank and having to climb a 2m shower hose. so to sumb up some extra parts were required at small cost, it was easy to install by the plumber and it operates very well, I would recomend this product to anybody whom needs to improve there hot water pressure on a cylinder tank system.

  • Alessandro Wilcox
    4/ 5

    As we live in a bungalow our first Salamander pump was to boost presure on a shower, this second one was to boost pressure on hotwater tap at kitchen sink. Both purchases were extemely successful. However this second pump situated in loft is rather noisier than expected, but as it is only run in short bursts, can overlook this shortcoming. Overall very efficient pumps and we are well satisfied.