Freestanding Bathroom Accessory Ranges

Finish off your bathroom with some practical pieces from our Freestanding Bathroom Accessory Ranges. Bathroom accessories are a fantastic way of dressing your bathroom in a practical way. Featuring soap dispensors, toilet roll holders, toilet brush holders, soap dishes and toothbrush pots in several stylish designs. 

  1. architeckt-stone-range

    Architeckt Stone Range

    6 choices
    From £19.97
  2. architeckt-ash-range

    Architeckt Ash Range

    6 choices
    From £19.99
  3. architeckt-dove-range

    Architeckt Dove Range

    5 choices
    From £12.99
  4. architeckt-bamboo-range

    Architeckt Bamboo Range

    1 choices
    From £19.49
  5. architeckt-contemporary-range

    Architeckt Contemporary Range

    14 choices
    From £29.99
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