Floor Standing Bathroom Accessories

Make the most out of the floor space in your bathroom with our highly practical floor standing bathroom accessories. We’ve got bathroom bin shapes to suit all styles of space and free standing toilet roll holders that’ll fit neatly down the side of your toilet. Great design is all in the details and you can certainly see that in our stunning bathroom accessories. Rust resistant polished chrome is used to ensure long lasting, easy to clean products that’ll stand the test of time.

  1. Bathroom Bins

    Bathroom Bins

    3 choices
    From £9.97
  2. floor-standing-toilet-brushes

    Floor Standing Toilet Brushes

    5 choices
    From £44.97
  3. towel-stands

    Towel Stands

    1 choices
    From £74.97
  4. bathroom-scales

    Bathroom Scales

    3 choices
    From £44.97