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When it comes to the radiators in your home, it’s important that they are secure, safe and reliable! After all, as one of your home’s main sources of heat, it’s important that your radiators are always able to perform to optimum standard, right?

This Essentials 15mm Chrome Straight MRV Lock Shield HEAV015 is strong, durable and super functional, allowing you to control, adjust and manage the pressure in your radiator, without any unexpected surprises or difficulties arising!

Boasting an attractive chrome finish, a strong wheel head and lock shield, this product is both easy to use and easy to install, meaning if DIY is not your forte you shouldn’t have a problem!

So, if you’re replacing your radiators or adding radiators to your home, to optimise their performance, reliability and safety, this lock shield and wheel head should be your first port of call!

Product features

  • ½ Thread
  • Straight
  • Wheel hand and lock shield included
  • Conforms to BS2767
  • Chrome finish


CE Approved

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