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Duratherm Lockshield Radiator Valves are made from the highest quality brass in order to ensure robustness for a long, healthy and ultimately practical life. The chrome finish ensures it easily matches the contemporary decor around your radiator.

  • Style angled lockshield radiator valve
  • Solid quality
  • Easy to fit
  • 15mm

What is a lockshield valve?

Lockshield valves are for using when you want to carry out radiator balancing. Balancing is a simple process that anyone should be able to carry out. It means the process of adjusting radiators within your home in order to ensure they all heat up at the same rate. A radiator that is too cold requires more hot water flowing to it while a radiator that is too hot requires the flow to be restricted. So the trick is to 'balance' these flows to they all equally act the same. To do this, you use a lockshield valve, which is on the opposite end to the valve that controls the temperature of the radiator.

The lockshield part of the valve is a small plastic cap that is there to prevent the radiator being accidentally adjusted. This plastic cap covers a spindle that can be turned with an adjustable character in order to carry out balancing. Once you have balanced the radiators (you should check the heat rate of all radiators first and make small adjustments where needed) you can pop the plastic cap back on.

CE Approved

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