Designed to be compatible with the Aqualisa quartz digital bath systems, this is the plate you will need to conceal the working parts of the digital bath control system and provide a smooth edge to the installation. This circular wall plate will fit onto tiles or waterproof boards with ease, and is secured in place with four matching screws. This is not a flimsy, second rate item; it is a genuine Aqualisa part made from top notch materials.


This item is just one small part of the large Aqualisa range which we sell, and is just as simple to fit and maintain as every other item in the range. The chrome finish gives it a modern look and makes it easy to keep clean too; all it needs is a quick wipe over every now and again to keep it looking as good as new. If you are installing a new digital bath from scratch or just making a repair to an existing one, this is one of the essential parts you’ll need.

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