Sourcing the right shower pump if you need one is essential for bettering your bathroom water system. They boost the water flow and pressure to the different appliances in the house including showers, baths and taps. These days it isn’t unusual for bathroom appliances to require a higher pressure to function optimally.

The RHP75 from Salamander has been specifically designed for use on a whole house system or alternatively just the bathroom. They are practical for use with a single or multi outlet (taps being used individually or at the same time).

There is a simple test you can do to see if you require a shower pump. Turn on both water supplies on your bathroom basin and compare the flow of each. If the hot is noticeably under powered compared with the cold side then a pump should be used.

It’s a centrifugal type shower pump which means high efficiency impellers are used and higher flow rates are produced when compared with regenerative pumps. They are ideal to use when the pump is installed more than 2 metres below the height of the cold water storage tank or when bends in pipework are kept to a minimum.

The RHP75 is a smooth operating and quiet pump. It’s perfect for a large range of showers and mixer taps with typical installation connecting to both the hot and cold water supplies. The main benefit to this is both supplies are boosted to the same level.

The pump as standard is covered by a 2 year guarantee. This can be increased if you register your pump with Pumpwise to 3 years.


Features and Benefits:

  • 2.0 Bar
  • Quiet operation
  • Positive head
  • Includes isolating valve AV couplers
  • Twin ended
  • Centrifugal type uses a high efficiency impeller
  • 2 Year manufacturers guarantee which can be increased to 3 years


Technical Specifications:

  • Closed head pressure: 2.2 bar (75ft head)
  • Max watts/amps: 720 watts/3.2 amps
  • Typical Decibel Rating (dB): 55.4
  • Continuously rated
CE Approved Salamander Approved Retailer


Techincal Drawings

£235.03 (Inc. VAT)

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Salamander RHP75 Shower Pump 2.0 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head Centrifugal Reviews

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    5/ 5

    Shower pumps are the ideal solution for getting that perfect shower, every time. We love this product at plumbworld because not only is it fit for purpose and great quality, it is also extremely safe from overheating and quiet for minimal disturbance in the home. Plumbworld recommends this product.