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Tired of your underperforming shower? Is it more like drizzle than a deluge?

The most cost effective way to increase the power of your shower is with a shower pump.

The CTFORCE15TU is part of the new range from Salamander. It’s a twin impeller regenerative pump designed to ensure your shower works to the best of its abilities.

Twin Impeller means the pump will boost both hot and cold water to an outlet or a shower.

They pump both hot and cold water individually or at the same time and are designed to be used with gravity fed water systems.

Ideally a twin pump is suited for use with showers and mixers as they produce a balance supply to give better mixing capabilities. Positioned best at the base of the hot water cylinder as they push water to the shower.

The pump is supplied with anti-vibration feet to assist in stability and to aid in reducing excess noise during use. No more worries about waking the entire household when having a morning or late night wash.

Regenerative pumps works in a very similar way to a powered water mill. Grabbing hold of the incoming water, rotating it then throwing it out the opposite side of the impeller. The biggest benefits to this style of pumps are the reliability and ease in which they can be installed.

A 3 year guarantee is supplied as standard. If you register your pump with Pumpwise then this can be increased to 5 years.


Features and Benefits:

  • Regenerative type shower pump
  • 1.5 Bar
  • Closed head pressure: 50ft head(1.5 bar)
  • Crossover technology
  • WRAS approved
  • Max amps/watts: 2.0 amps/480 watts
  • Continuously rated
  • Brilliantly quiet 48dBA rating
  • 1.25m power cable which is pre-wired
  • Anti-vibration feet for added noise reduction and stability
  • Standard 5 year manufacturer guarantee
  • Robust brass ended shower pump with brass impeller
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Salamander CTFORCE15TU 1.5 Bar Twin Impeller Universal Head Regenerative Shower Pump

£310.00 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Janusz
    5/ 5

    The pump is small in external size. It is quiet working.