Windsor Bathroom Suites

Bathroom suites with a timeless design

Getting a timeless look in your bathroom can sometimes be tricky with a marketplace full of contemporary designs. Thankfully our Windsor range of bathroom suites is on hand to inject a bit of tradition into bathroom across the country with their classical detailing and opulent style. With the Windsor range you get the choice of either low or high level toilets, both using stunning chrome downpipes and ceramic levers. These also have the choice of either a white or oak seat depending on the rest of the bathroom that they’re complementing.

  1. Windsor Cloakroom Suite Low Level Toilet & White Seat

  2. Windsor Cloakroom Suite (Low Level Toilet & Oak Seat)

  3. Windsor Cloakroom Suite - High Level Toilet & White Seat

  4. Park Lane Windsor Bathroom Suite with High Level Toilet and Oak Toilet Seat

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    Windsor Cloakroom Suite (High Level Toilet - Oak Seat)