Single Outlet Ceiling Fed Pumped Digital Showers

An incredible innovation in shower technology, our single-outlet, pumped digital showers offer everything you need for a luxurious, modern look with high-tech, contemporary feel. Designed for gravity-fed systems, the pumped digital showers have a built-in pump which works to increase the water pressure as the water is mixed to your set temperature. Continuously increasing the flow and ensuring a consistently impressive water pressure level, the digital mixer showers work in a similar way to traditional power showers, but have many more benefits. Marvellously modern and excitingly elegant, the minimalistic designs allow for concealed or exposed units, giving excellent chrome-finishes and the extra touch of luxury you’ve always dreamed of. A single, fixed shower head delivers water at an excellent flow rate and to a temperate precise to within a degree, set using the wireless shower control valve, which can be mounted anywhere you’d like. Eye-catching yet elegant LED displays light up your bathroom with a ray of luxury as your expertly crafted digital shower gets to work providing you with the ultimate shower experience. Easy to install, operate and maintain, the single-outlet, ceiling-fed, pumped digital showers are the perfect final touch to your stunning haven of cleanliness and calm.

  1. Mira Platinum 1.1666.002 Digital Shower Concealed (Pumped for Gravity) with Controller

  2. Aqualisa Q Shower Exposed & Adjustable Head (Gravity Pumped)

  3. Mira Mode Shower Ceiling Fed Digital Shower - (Pumped for Gravity) - 1.1874.008

  4. Triton HOME Digital Shower Adjustable Head with Riser Rail - Circular (Gravity Fed / Pumped)

  5. Aqualisa iSys Exposed Digital Shower - Adjustable Head (Gravity Pumped)

  6. Aqualisa Quartz Digital Exposed Shower (Gravity Pumped) QZD.A2.EV.14

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    Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower Exposed (Gravity Pumped)

  7. Mira Vision 1.1797.002 Digital Shower Concealed (Pumped for Gravity)

  8. Aqualisa Visage VSD.A2.EV.14 Exposed Shower with Adjustable Head Ceiling Fed (Gravity Pumped)