Shower Lifting Stations

If you want to install a shower at home or at the office but don't think you have the plumbing system to do it then think again. With our fantastic range of single shower macerators it's easier than you think to have a full shower installed where once it might not have been possible. They can be used with any type of shower from electric and mixer showers to digital and power showers so you can be happy that compatibility isn't an issue. These macerators work very much like a pump but instead of providing extra power to the shower they provide extra power to the waste water so  that it can be quickly, easily and efficiently be pumped to your waste water piping. So don't be restricted by your plumbing system, fit your shower exactly where you need it.

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  2. saniflo-sanifloor-hifloor-2-vinyl-floor-lifting-station-6155

    Saniflo Sanifloor Hifloor +2 (Vinyl Floor) Lifting Station - 6155

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  3. saniflo-sanifloor-hifloor-4-wedi-lifting-station-6158

    Saniflo Sanifloor Hifloor +4 (Wedi) Lifting Station - 6158

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  4. saniflo-sanifloor-hifloor-3-shower-tray-lifting-station-6156

    Saniflo Sanifloor Hifloor +3 (Shower Tray) Lifting Station - 6156

  5. san6154saniflosaniflo-sanifloor-hifloor-1-tiled-floor-lifting-station-6154

    Saniflo Sanifloor Hifloor +1 (Tiled Floor) Lifting Station - 6154

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