Saniflo Sanishower Flat Lifting Station - 1043/3

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Product Overview:

  • Compatible with electric/gravity shower, and wash basin.
  • Suitable for domestic applications.

Have you dreamed about turning your loft into an added bedroom with en suite? Or maybe your spare room has seen better days so you’ve decided to turn it into something more practical?

With the Sanishower by Saniflo it is possible to convert any room you want into a shower room. With twin inlets on the unit you also have the option to include a wash basin.

For more than 50 years, Saniflo have wanted to make the installation of additional bathrooms and toilets as easy as possible. As the inventor of the now famous macerator system, Saniflo are the market leaders. Their products are identified by a high quality and conform to the strictest approvals and technical requirements.

A macerator works by chopping up waste and water into a slurry and then pumping this into the mains sewage system. This avoids issues with installation on a conventional gravity based waste discharge pipework.

They are also more hygienic than you would think and the unit doesn’t encourage any bad smells. As long as it is used and installed correctly your new shower room will be in safe hands. The unit is activated automatically by the incoming water, the water is then forced through the discharge pipework and finally through the non-return valves preventing any waste or water from returning to the unit.

Standard toilet cleaners are suitable for general cleaning however you are advised against any types which create a high level of foam. These could cause temporary complications in the pump.


Features and Benefits for the Saniflo Sanishower Flat Macerator Pump:

  • Suitable for bathroom suites with an IP44 rating.
  • Servicing is easily actioned through convenient covers and maintenance can be completed without the need to remove the unit, saving the end user time and money.
  •  46dB Noise Volume
  • Practical for new installations.
  • Convenient double inlet connection on the side. One can be plugged if you only require a single inlet.


Unit Technical Data:

  • Suitable for bathrooms with an IP44 rating
  • Average temperature: 35 Degrees Centigrade
  • Electrical Supply: 220-240 /50
  • Iso: EN 12050-2
  • Wattage: 250w
  • Motor RPM-2800 RPM
  • Discharge pipe diameter: 22/32mm
  • Noise level: 46dB
  • Minimum shower tray height required:40mm


Discharge Lengths:

  • Vertical Discharge: 3m
  • Horizontal Discharge: 20m


Unit Dimensions:

  • Height: 162mm
  • Width: 295mm
  • Depth: 144mm

Shower Waste Minimum Height 80mm

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Caution – Do Not Exceed Waste Water Temperature Limits

The Sanishower+ and Sanishower Flat have a working wastewater temperature of 35ºC.

If you like to enjoy long hot showers the wastewater temperature will be between 40ºC.and 45ºC which may cause damage to the unit and invalidate the warranty.

Saniflo Hygiene

Saniflo Do Not Accept Returns

If your Saniflo macerator is faulty then you will need to call out an approved Saniflo engineer. Saniflo will not accept returned product for hygiene reasons and require any fault to be verified on site by the engineer. Engineers aim to be with you in 48 hours although longer delays are possible

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5 Saniflo Problems and How To Fix Them

You may not need to replace an old Saniflo unit. Below are five common problems associated with Saniflo brand macerators and some quick tips on how you can fix them.



The Saniflo Is Giving Off a Terrible Smell !

Bad smells can be due to a build-up of limescale and human waste in the 2-3 inches of water that’s always left in the Saniflo. Other Macerator brands have self-cleaning technology, but Saniflo’s need to be descaled regularly. If you’ve never descaled your macerator then you may have to do this a few times to clear the smell.


Electric Shock Risk

The Saniflo Keeps Tripping The Electrics

If your Saniflo is tripping the electrics, it usually means that water is getting into it and leads to the circuit shutting off to avoid any other damages, or there’s a loose wire. Always make sure the electrics are off before you inspect the pump. If there’s an issue with the motor seal, then call a certified Saniflo engineer to repair it. If the motor is worn or faulty, this unfortunately means that you’ll have to purchase a new macerator.



Saniflo Leaks During Operation

One reason for your Saniflo leaking from the vent could be that there is a big build up of waste inside which will have to be manually removed.

It’s also possible that the motor is nearing the end of its life and can’t work as hard as it used to. This would mean the whole macerator should be replaced.

The rubber waste outlet could have shrunk because of too much toilet cleaner. If water is spraying out the vent, you will need to replace the rubber waste outlet.


Saniflo Starting on its Own

The Saniflo Starts On its Own!

There could be a few reasons as to why your pump keeps starting on its own throughout the day and night: (Excluding the possibility of a ghost!)

The microswitch is misfiring because it keeps thinking the tank is full – you will have to manually remove the waste between the switch and the tank floor and then reset the pump. If the rubber membrane is damaged, waste can then get into the switch and cause a problem. In this case, you will have to purchase a new rubber membrane and switch.



Saniflo Vibrates & Buzzes Loudly

If when flushing the toilet you hear a horrible vibrating noise, there’s probably something that has been lodged in the macerator blade. Turn off the Saniflo and remove the lid. If you see an obstruction straight away, remove it. If the foreign object is in the blade you can remove it using small pliers.


CE Approved

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Type Lifting Station
Application Shower & Basin
Available Inlets 2
Clog Resistance Low
Easy Maintenance No
Noise Level 46 db
Maximum Vertical Discharge 5 M
Maximum Horizontal Discharge 20 M
Max Water Temperature (Continuous) 35 C
Max Water Temperature (Intermittent) 35 C

Saniflo Sanishower Flat Lifting Station - 1043/3

£247.98 (Inc. VAT)

Out of Stock - More
Arriving on 06/03/2020

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6 Product Reviews

  • Peter Hollis
    1/ 5

    This is sold as an international product with an international warranty and it is neither. I took mine overseas and it has a faulty micro switch. Saniflo refuse to honour warranty from either UK, the country of fitting or head office. Regards the product, the previous review is correct. Saniflo are French and as such the waste provided is for a European pipework set up and not our own. I know this because I took all of the estimated waste pipe fittings out with me and they did not fit but luckily for me as I was in Spain I could buy their own which did fit. That said, the unit didn't switch off and Saniflo have acted appallingly and so it wasn't much good anyway. I chose Saniflo over others as it boasted international and a good reputation. Neither is true. Go Gundfos.

  • L Wallis
    1/ 5

    Installed this pump from Plumbworld because the noise level claimed to be 46dB. The unit was installed behind the the shower in the back of a wardrobe for accessibility rather than in the roof space. The pump is excessively noisy , as the only input is from the shower the pump cycles on and off loudly every 10 seconds or so as the shower tray empties. This is not suitable for the purpose. Too noisy.

  • Martin
    1/ 5

    Nothing but problems with the unit from the moment it was installed. When you pay well over the odds for the Saniflo name you expect a high-quality product. I will not buy Saniflo again