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Installing InSinkErator boiling water taps in the kitchen can be really beneficial. They offer boiling hot water at the touch of a lever but some also provide filtered cold water to drink and cook with too. They really are the ultimate kitchen taps. They work using a filtered storage tank which is usually fitted under your kitchen sink. This tank will either heat the water so it’s ready to dispense at an instant or cool it so it’s perfect for drinking whenever you need to quench your thirst. Pair one with an InSinkErator waste disposal unit for the perfect kitchen arsenal.


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InSinkErator HC1100 Kitchen Tap + Neo Tank – for Boiling Hot & Filtered Cold Water - Chrome Finish

Steaming hot water tap

Brilliant product, very easy to install. Good communication with plumb world, thanks very much.

Chris Bynes


Forget The Kettle And Get An InSinkErator Instant Boiling Hot Water Tap

Instant hot water taps are a fantastic addition to any kitchen because they provide 98 degree water at the touch of a lever. You save space by doing away with your kettle while speeding up everyday tasks like boiling the kettle.


Who Knew A Tap Could Replace Your Kettle?!

Waiting for the kettle to boil does sometimes feel less exciting than watching paint dry which is why InSinkErator came up with the boiling hot water tap. No more tedious minutes waiting as the kettle crackles to life as you'll have 98 degree water instantly. They're great at work too as you won't be the one who always has to fill the kettle, allowing you more time to get on with your work.


Speed Up Food Preparation

We use hot water in the kitchen for so many things including preparing meals. An InSinkErator hot tap is ideal for use with things like pasta, rice, noodles and even eggs. Just think, the more time you save in the kitchen, the more time you've got to do the things you enjoy!


Take The Chill Off

When you're freezing and waiting for the kettle to boil it often feels like an eternity before you can start warming up. Well with an instant hot tap you can refill your hot water bottle in seconds so you'll be snuggled up on the sofa or in bed in no time. It's just a shame they don't have an instant food making tap too!


Easier Chopping & Cutting

A hot tap can save you from the struggles of hard butter or cheese, simply run your knife under the hot water and you'll carve through that butter like a knife through.... butter...? You could even go so far as to warm a spoon for scooping out that rock hard ice cream too!


Loosen Those Stubborn Jar Lids

When breaking a glass jar with a hammer isn't an option (we've all thought it!) all you need to do is run the lid under a hot tap for a few seconds and you should be able to twist off the lid with ease. Make sure to use a tea towel for extra grip and to avoid any burns.


Warming Plates Before Serving Food

If you've not got anywhere to warm plates before serving food you might find your dinner going cold rather quickly. Well a tip my mum taught me is to put a small amount f hot water on the plates to heat them up before adding your food. You just need to remember to drain them before dishing up!


Insinkerator Hot Tap Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Temperature Is The Water?

A. InSinkErator understand that the perfect temperature for hot drinks and most kitchen tasks is 98 degrees which is why their hot taps dispense at this temperature.


Q. Are There Filters And Will I Need to Change Them?

A. There are indeed filters but thankfully you’ll only have to change these twice a year with normal family use.



Q. Will The Tank Take Up A Lot Of Space?

A. The tank is surprisingly small considering it has a capacity of 2.5 litres. Usually they’re stored underneath your kitchen sink.


Q. Will I Need My Tap Or Tank Servicing?

A. Nope, no servicing is needed for either the tank or tap. All you need to do it ensure the filters are changed when required.

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