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Is there anything more irritating than a sliding door that won’t shut properly? This problem is especially annoying in showers…who wants a cold, draughty shower? Not to mention a flooded bathroom!

These Hydrolux Spare Magnetic Strips for Sliding shower enclosure doors will end your damp and draughty problems immediately.

The problem with sliding doors is that the magnetic strips do tend to wear out over time and need replacing…even with ordinary, careful use the strips can work loose or wear out.

These replacement strips are not only easy to apply but also long lasting and will fix the issue of a shower door that no longer closes immediately. Don’t suffer unnecessarily any longer, order your replacement Hydrolux Spare Magnetic Strips for Sliding Doors now and relax safe in the knowledge that all of your future showers will be taken in comfort!

Suitable for all AQS 6mm Hydrolux Sliding Shower Doors.

CE Approved

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