Gas Fires

All modern gas fires emit zero smoke and any waste gases produced are vented outside using a flue that goes through the wall. Gas fires often consist of “logs” covered in small gas vents which don’t actually burn but still provide convective and radiant heat.

Gas fires that function like this are an excellent way to reduce your heating bill by switching off your hot water heating and only warming the room that you and your family spend the majority of time in. Gas fireplaces are easy to install when compared to traditional fires because you won’t need to include a full-sized chimney in your installation.

Most gas fires are easy to use and require little to no maintenance aside from annual check-ups. Gas fires at Plumbworld are available in a range of styles, budgets and installation types with multiple ways of being operated.

Discover the ideal gas fire to warm your home with Plumbworld today.

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  2. Flavel-Misermatic-Teak-Gas-Fire-FORMT0EN

    Flavel Misermatic Deluxe Teak Electronic Ignition Manual Control Gas Fire - FORMT0EN

  3. baxi-brazilia-f5-gas-fire-wall-heater-504521

    Baxi Brazilia F5 Manual Control Gas Fire Wall Heater Beige - 504521

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    In Stock
  4. Robinson-Willey-Firecharm-Black-Electric-Fire-A98003

    Robinson Willey Firecharm Black Manual Control Electronic Fire - A98003

  5. Robinson-Willey-Firecharm-RS-Black-Electric-Fire-A99027

    Robinson Willey Firecharm RS Black Balanced Flue Manual Control Electronic Fire - A99027

  6. Valor-Heartbeat-Black-Outset-Oxysafe-2-Slide-Control-Gas-Fire-0533901

    Valor Heartbeat Black Outset Oxysafe 2 Manual Control Gas Fire - 0533901

  7. Flavel-Regent-Black-Gas-Fire-FRGCN0EN

    Flavel Regent Electronic Ignition Black Gas Fire - FRGCN0EN

  8. Robinson-Willey-Sahara-Bronze-Safeguard-Radiant-Gas-Fire-A97007

    Robinson Willey Sahara Bronze Safeguard Radiant Manual Control Gas Fire - A97007

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  9. Robinson-Willey-Firegem-Visa-Black/Chrome-Gas-Fire-A85048

    Robinson Willey Firegem Visa Black/Chrome Manual Control Gas Fire - A85048

  10. Flavel-Emberglow-Black-Gas-Fire-FEBC00MN

    Flavel Emberglow Black Balanced Flue Manual Control Gas Fire - FEBC00MN

  11. Valor Valentia Black Chrome Gas Fire 0547401

    Valor Valentia Black/Chrome Balanced Flue Manual Control Gas Fire - 0547401

  12. Flavel-Emberglow-Gas-Fire-FEMC00EN

    Best Seller!

    Flavel Emberglow Electronic Ignition Gas Fire - FEMC00EN

  13. Flavel-Renoir-Black-Gas-Fire-FRECN0EN

    Flavel Renoir Black Electronic Ignition Manual Control Gas Fire - FRECN0EN

  14. Valor-Homeflame-Dream-Slide-Control-Fire-Black-0576121

    Valor Homeflame Dream Black Coal Bed Fire Easy Access Slide Control Gas Fire - 0576121

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