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Gainsborough are part of the ever-successful Aqualisa Group and have over 40 years of unrivalled experience in the domestic shower market. Their proficiency is plain to see when you get up close and personal with some of their products as precision engineering techniques are used to produce high-quality products which are then improved upon every year. Within our range you’ll find electric and mixer variations of showers which have been designed specifically to work on almost all domestic systems. With the dedicated expertise behind the manufacturing of these machines you really can’t go wrong and we’re sure you’ll have many happy years of showering delight.

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    Gainsborough 9.5kw CSE Electric Shower Satin Chrome - 97554045

  3. Gainsborough Ambassador Combi Exposed Thermostatic Mixer Shower

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  6. Gainsborough Ambassador High Pressure Concealed Thermostatic Mixer Shower

  7. Gainsborough Slim Mono Electric Shower White 8.5kw - GSM85

  8. Gainsborough Ambassador Combi Concealed Thermostatic Mixer Shower

  9. Gainsborough 9.5kw GSE Electric Shower Graphite Grey

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A Mixer Shower Or An Electric Shower, Decisions, Decisions

If you’ve never fitted a new shower then it can be quite confusing if you don’t understand the different types that are available or how your home water system works but never fear, we’re here to help you with the jargon so you can decide which shower suits you and your requirements best.

The first thing you need to decide when choosing your new shower is whether you want to rely on your home water system or not. Some homes have a larger store of hot water and a higher level of water pressure making them perfect for a mixer shower whereas other homes who have a lot of people using the shower at the same time might be better off with an electric shower as they heat the water on demand using an element.

With an electric shower you’ll need to know what electrical supply you have, if in doubt check with a qualified installer. Electric showers come in different power ratings and getting it wrong could potentially be expensive and dangerous. For large households or big families we would recommend an electric shower because water heating is instant and won’t run out.

Mixer showers take cold water and hot stored water and mix them within the valve to the correct temperature. They’re available in both an exposed and concealed valve type which offers greater flexibility during installation and also come with thermostatic technology for added peace of mind.


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