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We’ve all been there – you’re checking yourself out in the mirror, making sure that you look your best, but there’s some ghastly streaks and smears on the mirror blocking your view. Have you got a hair out of place? Is your lipstick lined to perfection? Is it a risk that you really want to take?

But fear not – the days of playing mirror roulette are over thanks to this Cramer Mirror Foam Cleaner!

How to use:

Simply spray onto your mirror or surface ensuring that it is applied evenly, rub dry with a suitable cloth, and your mirror will be sparkling and streak-free - that’s all there is to it!

Product Features:

  • Part of the Cramer range of bathroom accessories
  • 400ml aerosol spray
  • Potent foam with high cleaning power
  • Simple application
  • Solid foam
  • Material friendly composition
  • Pleasant scent
  • Provides streak-free shine
  • Suitable for use on mirrored surfaces, uncoated glass, toughened safety glass, synthetic material, and metal
CE Approved

£7.94 (Inc. VAT)

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