Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors are the only bathroom accessories that can tell you who’s the fairest of them all! Having a good quality mirror is arguably one of the most important items of furniture in the smallest room. Whether you opt for a large focal type to reflect light, a mirrored cabinet to add some helpful extra storage or a small vanity mirror to keep you looking your best – it’s still a necessity. As the focus shifts towards bathroom designs that are both stylish and functional, a mirror is usually at the top of most people’s list. No matter if you’re completely gutting a bathroom and starting from scratch or just sprucing up a tired looking bathroom, a mirror will certainly brighten things up and add the illusion of space.

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  2. essence-white-gloss-mirror-with-light-750mm-width

    Essence White Gloss Mirror with Light - 750mm Width

    Was £149.00

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  3. artis-niteo-led-bathroom-mirror-with-demister-pad-and-shaving-socket-500-x-500mm-mains-power

    Artis Niteo LED Bathroom Mirror with Demister Pad - 500 x 500mm - Mains Power

    Was £119.00

    Save 13%


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  4. vasari-hexagonal-black-framed-bathroom-mirror-750-x-500mm

    Vasari Hexagonal Black Framed Bathroom Mirror 750 x 500mm

    Was £79.99

    Save 25%


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  5. alpine-niveus-square-bevelled-edge-bathroom-mirror-500-x-500mm

    Alpine Niveus Square Bevelled Edge Bathroom Mirror - 500 x 500mm

    Was £34.99

    Save 14%


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  6. vasari-hexagonal-copper-framed-bathroom-mirror-750-x-500mm

    Vasari Hexagonal Copper Framed Bathroom Mirror 750 x 500mm

    Was £74.99

    Save 27%


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  7. artis-aqua-led-bathroom-mirror-with-demister-pad-and-shaving-socket-500-x-500mm-mains-power

    Artis Aqua LED Bathroom Mirror with Demister Pad - 500 x 500mm - Mains Power

  8. croydex-everson-flexi-fix-tilt-mirror-qm551041

    Croydex Everson Flexi Fix Tilt Bathroom Mirror 458 x 458mm - QM551041

    Was £79.00

    Save 36%


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  9. croydex-flexi-fix-chester-mirror-qm441041

    Croydex Flexi Fix Square Bathroom Mirror 380 x 380mm - QM441041

    Was £69.00

    Save 39%


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  10. Croydex Dart Square Door Mirror Cabinet Stainless Steel

    Croydex Dart Single Door Stainless Steel Mirror Cabinet 450 x 450mm - WC450505

    Was £119.00

    Save 44%


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  11. croydex-simplicity-single-door-mirror-cabinet-white-wc257122

    Croydex Simplicity Single Door White Mirror Cabinet 300 x 300mm - WC257122

  12. vasari-square-backlit-led-shaving-mirror-chrome

    Vasari Square Backlit LED Shaving Mirror - Chrome


    Manufacturer Direct in 2 - 7 Days
  13. vale-designs-double-door-coloured-mirror-cabinet

    Vale Designs Double Door Coloured Mirror Cabinet

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