Magnifying Shaving Mirrors

A good quality shaving mirror can make a world of difference to your morning routine! Fixed to the wall, they are perfect for making sure you don’t cut yourself shaving, plus make plucking out pesky hairs as easy as possible. With LED lights, magnifying glass and extendable arms, you won’t regret adding a bathroom shaving mirror to your bathroom. 

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Whether you are looking for an extendable bathroom mirror to add to your vanity unit area, or an in-shower mirror with razor holder, our range has plenty of high quality options for you to choose from. Easy to fit to your wall and with stylish designs, you can find the perfect product at our guaranteed low prices. Shop online with Plumbworld and make the most of our free next-day delivery now.

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  2. rak-demeter-round-led-shaving-mirror-200-x-200mm-mains-power

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    RAK Demeter Round LED Shaving Mirror 200 x 200mm - Mains Power


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  3. RAK Demeter Round LED Shaving Mirror with Magnetic Switch 200 x 200mm - Mains Power


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  4. RAK Demeter Square LED Shaving Mirror 200 x 200mm - Mains Power


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  5. Vasari 5x Magnifying Suction Mirror - 200 x 200mm

  6. Croydex Rectangular In-Shower Mirror with Razor Holder 200 x 150mm - AJ401841

  7. Vasari 3x Magnifying Suction Mirror - 150 x 150mm

  8. Hansgrohe AddStoris Shaving Mirror Chrome - 41791000

  9. Hansgrohe Logis Universal Shaving Mirror Chrome - 73561000

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Considerations When Buying A Shaving Mirror


The level of magnification is usually the first factor to take into consideration when choosing a shaving mirror. We use them for a whole host of cosmetic applications so being able to clearly see what’s going on on your face is important. Most mirrors are double sided, one side including a normal mirror and the other one with a magnification of 3x or more so no matter your need you should have ample vision.


When messing around with our eyebrows or trimming that beard it’s key that you’ve got as much visibility as possible which is why a lot of shaving mirrors have LED lighting positioned around the edge of the mirror. The more light you’ve got, the easier it is to get the task done to a high standard.


Shaving mirrors aren’t just for shaving and can be used for a multitude of bathroom tasks which is why it’s always handy to be able to adjust the position of it. Most of our mirrors come with folding extendable arms which allow you to get the mirror in just the right place for those hard to reach jobs.


Freestanding or Wall-Mounted

There are major advantages to using either a freestanding or a wall-mounted shaving mirror. A wall mounted mirror can be pushed flat against the wall to save space while a freestanding mirror can be easily moved from room to room should you want to apply a bit of make up in your bedroom.

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