Create a sanctuary of pure relaxation with the Alexandra Shower with Fixed and Adjustable heads from Architeckt. This fantastic looking shower will instantly upgrade and transform your bathroom into a contemporary haven that will leave your friends and family green with envy!

This superb package includes 3 stunning items:

  • Architeckt Alexandra Thermostatic Shower Valve
  • Architeckt Adjustable Square Shower Kit
  • Architeckt Fixed Square Shower Head & Square Wall Arm

Creating a modern statement in your bathroom, giving you a luxurious and relaxing showering experience, this shower is a statement in any home.

Take control over the showers temperature and flow with the stunning thermostatic shower valve. Manufactured from the highest quality solid brass, we guarantee that this valve is designed to withstand the test of time. If you cast your mind back to your school days you will remember that brass is a conductor of heat. Meaning that it is perfect for the valve body as it increases the efficiency of the valve. Being made of solid brass also increases its durability and it will not corrode over time like over materials. Featuring strong zinc handles this shower valve is super long lasting! The zinc handles are just as durable as the body but won’t get hot meaning you know that you will have a safe a showering experience every time!

The fantastic fixed square shower head adds style and sophistication to your bathroom and gives to you all of the properties that you would ever need in a shower. Fixed shower heads are one of the biggest trends in the bathroom, creating a modern and sleek look in your bathroom that will fit in perfectly with any type or style of bathroom. The large square shower head will effortlessly cascade water over you, head to toe, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to start the day!

The square adjustable shower head kit provides you with a second water outlet option for extra versatility. Whether you quickly hop in the shower in the morning to wake up or you like to have a long leisurely shower after a long hard day, then we believe this package is for you. The kit is adjustable in both height and angle for maximum control over your shower experience.

All items are finished with a polished and bright chrome plating. The chrome will leave your bathroom feeling brighter and will tie in the rest of your bathroom products. The smooth surfaces will allow for easy cleaning – just use warm soapy water.

Features and benefits:


  • Made from a durable solid brass with strong zinc handles
  • A shiny and stylish chrome finish
  • Two outlets
  • Suitable for use with all plumbing systems
  • Complete with a fantastic 3 year guarantee

Fixed Shower Head:

  • One powerful spray mode
  • A striking chrome finish
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • Water pressure of 0.5 bar required as a minimum
  • Compatible with all types of plumbing systems
  • The head measurement is 200 x 200mm
  • A strong and attractive complimenting wall arm
  • Complete with a fantastic 3 year guarantee

Adjustable Shower Head Kit:

  • G3/4 inlet size
  • A shiny chrome finish
  • Adjustable height and angle

Flow rates (l/min):

  • 0.5 Bar: 5.5 (l/min)
  • 1.0 Bar: 7.1 (l/min)
  • 3.0 Bar: 12 (l/min)


3 Year Guarantee


Techincal Drawings


£114.97 (Inc. VAT)

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