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With its fresh looks and excellent capabilities, the Alexandra Thermostatic Concealed Shower with Ceiling Mounted Fixed Shower Head is a super popular option for your bathroom. It is reliable, simple to use, affordable and has a very long lifespan that you can take advantage of for many years to come!

The Alexandra Concealed Shower Valve eliminates the need of having to constantly change the temperature and flow of your shower as this great shower valve cleverly uses thermostatic technology to control the water temperature, ensuring that you have your ideal shower every time and keeping you and your family safe from any sudden temperature changes. The valve body is made from a durable solid brass, which will help to lengthen the shower’s life. This is then coated in multiple layers of dazzling chrome, and to further improve the aesthetics the valve is concealed in the wall, thus giving it a finished minimalistic look, as the bulky part is hidden in the wall.

The fixed head design and round ceiling arm are what makes this shower so highly stylish and functional. It features a smart and eye-catching chrome finish, allowing it to fit right in with any contemporary style bathroom and the other chrome fittings in the room. This shower will instantly make your bathroom look and feel like a designer bathroom. The super smooth shower head allows you to easily clean and wipe it down, ensuring a streak-free shower after use. This also means you can simply wipe away any limescale that may have gathered over time.


Valve Features and Benefits:

  • Constructed from a high quality brass, ensuring a long and rust free life
  • Finished in a striking and eye catching chrome
  • A minimalistic and modern look
  • Achieve your ideal temperature and flow
  • Includes thermostatic technology, this will ensure a safer showering experience for all
  • For added peace of mind, this valve comes with a fantastic 5 year guarantee


Shower Head Features and Benefits:

  • Gorgeous fixed head which can be angled to change the spray area
  • One Powerful spray mode
  • Just like the valve, it is coated in a stunning chrome
  • Easy clean, hygienic surfaces
  • Easy installation process
  • Shower head size: 200mm
  • Covered by a one year guarantee against any factory defects

Technical features:

  • Minimum recommended water pressure: 0.5 bar
  • Maximum recommended water pressure: 5 bar
  • G3/4 inches inlet
  • G1/2 inches outlet
  • Single outlet positioned on bottom of the valve
  • 200 x 200mm sized shower head
  • Length of arm: 165mm

Flow Rates:

  • 0.1 bar: 3.24
  • 0.2 bar: 4.12
  • 0.3 bar: 5.55
  • 0.5 bar: 8.07
  • 1 bar: 11.46
  • 2 bar: 14.01
  • 3 bar: 17.11


5 Year Guarantee



£99.94 (Inc. VAT)

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