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The Aqualisa Aquavalve 700 Thermostatic Concealed Mixer Shower Valve is one cool customer. Constructed from solid brass, the valve is engineered to last, while the sleek chrome or gold finish makes it catch the eye amongst the existing décor of any bathroom. Advanced bi-metallic technology guarantees a reliably luxurious showering experience regardless of other appliance use in the house, while the sophisticated safety features make this a one-stop shop for the very latest in shower valve engineering.

Homeowners can choose from the glamour of a gold finish to the class of a chrome one to complement existing features in their bathroom and result in a seamlessly stylish aesthetic. But there’s no reason to be fooled by that showy exterior; underneath, the Aqualisa Aquavalve is constructed from solid brass, a material renowned for its long-lasting qualities. Compatible with all kinds of plumbing systems and capable of handling all kinds of pressure, the unit is a reliable choice for any bathroom.

That reliability is underpinned by the Aquavalve trademark – bi-metallic thermostatic technology. Incredibly sensitive sensors inside the valve are adept at registering even the smallest changes of temperature and flow and reacting with lightning-quick precision. This guarantees that you’ll enjoy a steady stream of water that’s not too hot and not too cold, regardless of fluctuations in the household water supply caused by someone flushing a toilet or filling a kettle. Simply put, it’s a perfect shower, every time.

What’s more, there is further scope for customisation with the choice of two accompanying shower heads, both sold separately. One on the one hand, the Varispray headset offers three spray patterns, ranging from Full to Relaxer to Focus. Meanwhile, the Turbostream headset has its own trio of options: Cascade, Champagne and Massage. In this way, users can choose exactly the intensity and style of shower they want, achieving the very best in performance and precision. And to make the unit even more attractive, Aqualisa include a three-year guarantee on all valve purchases and a two-year guarantee on all head purchases. Better make that performance, precision and peace of mind.

Features and benefits:

  • Thermostatic mixer shower valve combines performance with pizazz
  • Solid brass base overlaid with either gold or chrome finish to match any bathroom
  • Bi-metallic technology facilitates steady flow and constant temperature
  • Choice of two accompanying shower heads for variation in spray
  • These showers are compatible with all household plumbing systems
  • Three-year guarantee on valve, shower heads sold separately
  • Part of the Aquavalve mixer showers range
3 Year Guarantee


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