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760mm Bi-Fold Shower Door Enclosures

The bathroom is the underrated champion of any home. It’s where we are at our cleanest, most relaxed and is often the heart of luxury, calm and tranquillity for some. However, family bathrooms and ensuites can have limited space, meaning you need a sleek, luxury look with a space-saving functionality. Our gorgeous range of bi-fold shower doors for enclosures or corner showers give you just that. Perfectly mixing aesthetic style with a space-saving element, these shower doors fold in the middle into the shower enclosure, so they don’t take up any room in your bathroom! The toughened glass comes in a range of thicknesses and heights, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your sparkling contemporary-look shower enclosure. Wash the stresses of space away and indulge in the polished-chrome aluminium frames, engineered to be lightweight, cost-effective and low-maintenance. With some models coming complete with optional shower trays, side panels and magnetic lock systems, you can shower in style without worrying about leaks. Make your bathroom the sanctuary of stylish functionality and add that little touch of affordable, high-quality luxury with bi-fold shower doors from top brands such as Luxura, Coram and many more.