Waterfall Bathroom Taps

You can really update your bathroom in style with our selection of stunning waterfall taps! Unlike conventional taps, these create a more impressive feature for your bath or basin by cascading water out of the open spout to create a waterfall effect. Ideal for making a statement or easily elevating the look of your bathroom, shop our waterfall taps today.

Waterfall taps at Plumbworld...

Here at Plumbworld, we have a brilliant selection of waterfall taps for you to choose from. Don’t think they will break your budget, either - we have something to suit everyone! Whether you want waterfall bath taps with wow factor or something more compact for your cloakroom basin mixer, you can find it here. Shop waterfall taps online today and enjoy our unbeatable prices!

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Amelie Single Ended 1700mm Bathroom Suite - Including Taps, Waste & Screen


Works as good as it looks, very impressed. Had a number of nice comments from visiters.

Dave Stokes

What are waterfall taps?

Waterfall taps are a type of mixer tap which offer a minimalistic, luxurious and an artistic touch to any bathroom. They can be used on your basin or on a bath. Extremely stylish, this evolution of the tap sees water cascade from a single, open-top spout, unlike other mixer taps, to look like a waterfall. Waterfall taps come in a wide range of widths and sizes and are often controlled by a single, easy-to-use handle.

Unlike traditional taps, which have two spouts for hot and cold water, waterfall taps combine the two via a mixer for a more controlled temperature - like a mixer shower.

Do waterfall taps use more water?

Waterfall taps feature a spout mechanism that works to control, not only the temperature but the amount of flow that the tap produces, too. Mixer taps are often fitted with flow regulators and, due to the control of water temperature, use less hot water - which could save you money. These taps shouldn’t result in you using more water, but it’s best to check the pressure required.

Do waterfall taps fill baths slower?

How fast your bath fills depends on your water pressure - switching from two taps to one mixer doesn’t mean a bath will fill slowly. As a mixer tap, waterfall taps regulate temperature and flow, so you should have a consistent flow. Whereas with two taps, leaving it run and warm will waste water and may even scald a bathtub. With an optimum temperature in your mixer tap, you can leave the bath to fill in confidence.

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