Kitchen Utility Waste Water Lifting Stations

Planning on turning your outhouse into a guest house? Maybe you want to transform your garage into a utility room so that you can move your washing machine and tumble dryer out of the main house and reduce the noise that they make. Whatever your need you’ll be surprised to hear that it’s a whole lot easier with our brilliant kitchen and utility lifting stations. No matter the distance below the sewer level or how far away the sewage line is, our collection of lifting stations will deal with whatever you have to throw at them. They’re all available with long warranties and benefit from free delivery.


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Maximum Vertical Discharge (M)

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Clear Maximum Horizontal Discharge (M)

51 - 60 (2) 61 - 70 (1) 91 - 120 (1)

Clear Max Water Temperature (Continuous) (C)

35 (1) 75 (1) 40 (1) 50 (1)

Max Water Temperature (Intermittent) (C)

75 (1)

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  2. Saniflo Sanispeed + Commercial Grey Water Lifting Station - 6045

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Macerators and lifting stations are quite a technical product, so don't rush in! Take your time to understand what's important and what isn't by reading our FREE Instant Download guide.

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