Triton Spares & Accessories

Breathe a new lease of life into your Triton shower with our complete collection or Triton Spares & Accessories. Fixed shower heads, shower handsets and shower kits are available and could be the key to making your shower feel fresh and new again. After all, living in a hard water area can have quite a drastic effect on your shower and you may not be ready to change the entire unit just yet.

  1. Triton Shower Heads

    Triton Shower Heads

    From £20.00
    with 2 choices
  2. Triton Shower Handsets

    Triton Shower Handsets

    From £12.67
    with 3 choices
  3. Triton Shower Spares

    Triton Shower Spares

    From £20.00
    with 3 choices


Triton Exposed Pipework Fittings

Triton Surface Mounted Shower Fittings

Excellent value and quality, not fitted yet.