Triton Mixer Showers

Triton are a leading UK manufacturer of showers and have been innovating in this space since 1975. They are consistently striving to improve on design and technology that’s come before, and their approach to mixer showers is no exception. Mixer showers don’t require an electrical connection and run solely off a hot and cold water connection. These two temperatures of water are mixed within the valve to deliver a shower at your desired temperature. It’s an age-old design, but Triton have improved upon it both through great contemporary design and the addition of thermostatic controls. Thermostatic controls allow you to set your desired temperature and the shower will then stay at that temperature. It’s the safest form of control as there’s no risk of scalding as the temperature won’t suddenly change. Below is a hefty choice of different styles, starting at Plumbworld’s always low prices.
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  2. Triton Exe Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower - UNEXTHBM

  3. Triton Dene Cool Touch Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower - UNDETHBMCT

  4. Triton Dene Hi-Flo Bar Mixer Shower - UNDETHBM

  5. Triton Dene Sequential Thermostatic Exposed Mixer Shower - UNDETHEXSQM

  6. Triton Dene Concentric Thermostatic Exposed Mixer Shower - UNDETHEXCM

  7. Triton Dene Diverter Thermostatic Mixer Shower - UNDETHBMDIV

  8. Triton Tees Bar Thermostatic Mixer Shower Chrome

  9. Triton Eden Thermostatic Exposed Mixer Shower - UNEDTHCMEXT

  10. Triton Eden Bar Thermostatic Mixer Shower Fixed & Adjustable Head- UNEDTHBMDIV

  11. Triton Eden Bar Thermostatic Mixer Shower Including Kit & Bracket - UNEDTHBM

  12. triton-exe-lever-thermostatic-bar-mixer-shower

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    Triton Exe Lever Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower

  13. Triton Push Button Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower Chrome - PBDIVCHR

    Was £195.67


    Expected - 22/06/21
  14. Triton Push Button Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower Matt Black - PBDIVBLK

  15. Triton Eden Exposed or Concealed Valve Thermostatic Mixer Shower - UNEDTHCM

    Was £239.94


    Expected - 22/06/21

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