A shower pump is designed to increase flow and pressure to multiple appliances in your house. This might include taps, a bath, a shower and even dishwashers or electric water heaters. Modern appliances are requiring higher and higher pressures to be able to operate and with a low pressure water system a shower pump to boost the outlets could be the answer.

There is a simple test you can do to find out whether a shower pump is required. Turn on both your hot and cold taps and take a look at the flow. Is the cold more powerful than the hot? Is it really noticeable? If yes, then you should be able to fit a pump to even out the flow rates.

The ESP55CPV is designed to function using a tank fed system and it’s suitable to be used with both positive and negative head systems.

This centrifugal pump uses a single impeller. There tend to offer a higher efficiency when compared with a regenerative pump making it ideal if you have multiple bends in your pipework or if the pump is fitted more than 2 meters below the cold water storage tank.

During operation the pump is smooth and quiet, a major advantage to those early risers who don’t want to wake the rest of the house switching on the shower.

If the brilliant functionality of this pump wasn’t enough to seal the deal then Salamander cover it with a 2 year warranty. You can of course increase this to 3 years if you register the pump with Pumpwise.


Features and Benefits:

  • Universal head
  • 1.5 Bar pressure
  • Type: Centrifugal Single Impeller
  • Ideal for use with instantaneous electric showers, washing machines, dishwashers and instantaneous water heaters.
  • Isolating valve AV couplers are included
  • 2 Year manufacturer warranty which if registered with Pumpwise can be increased to 3 years.


Technical Specifications:

  • 50ft head or 1.5 bar closed head pressure
  • 1.8 Maximum amps or 430 watts
  • 58 dB at normal operation
CE Approved Salamander Approved Retailer


Techincal Drawings

£207.83 (Inc. VAT)

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Salamander ESP55CPV Shower Pump 1.6 Bar Single Impeller Universal Head Centrifugal Reviews

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  • Roger Smith
    5/ 5

    Suffered poor hot water pressure in my flat for 18 months then did some research and chose this pump. Hot water supply now excellent and well balanced with the mains cold water. It's a 2nd floor one bedroom flat with the cold water tank integrated on top of the hot water tank. The top of the water tank is level with the top of the shower. Previous 'plumber' had fitted a central heating recirculating pump to try to give a better water supply, but this was feeble. Salamander pump fitted in its place (via supplied tails and short lengths of speedfit pipe) now give excellent hot water flow and pressure. Showering now a pleasure. Highly recommend for this sort of situation.