Bossing mallets are an essential part of any keen roofer’s toolkit. Lead is such a soft material that it will mark badly and dent if it is hit with metal, so these softer wooden mallets will effectively mould the lead sheets around corners and into joints without you running the risk of them splitting or being marked. The Monument bossing mallets are excellent quality, and will feel comfortable in your hand as you are using them.

Toolbox Staple


These bossing mallets have a 1 and a half inch head diameter. The head of the mallet is made from solid beech, and the handle is equally solid ash. These are sturdy and solid tools which will be useful for both professional roofers and those tackling a home renovation alike. Keep a selection of different sizes of bossing mallets in your toolbox and you’ll be prepared for any home roofing emergencies.

CE Approved

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£14.97 (Inc. VAT)

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