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An essential part of your shower tray and shower enclosure is the waste that takes the used shower water out and away from the shower tray, because let’s face it there’s no point having a powerful shower if the dirty water lingers in a deep puddle around your feet!

The Hydrolux shower waste has a 90mm diameter which makes it perfect for use with most shower trays and a highly polished chrome cover to match the other fittings and accessories within your bathroom.

It’s been designed to quickly and efficiently drain water even when used with the most powerful of showers so you can rest assured that it’s worth every penny.

Features and Benefits:

  • 90mm standard sized diameter
  • Chrome cover with white fittings
  • Compatible with most standard shower trays
  • Efficient and fast draining
  • Great for use with even the most powerful of showers

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£14.94 (Inc. VAT)

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