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Heritage Esher Matte

Esher Matte wall panels from Multipanel are a brilliant addition to any bathroom as green is a very natural colour and is most commonly linked with nature and freshness, therefore, making your bathroom a very relaxing place to be when soaking in the bath. All Multipanel bathroom wall panels are constructed from durable waterproof plywood sheets which are covered in a durable laminate that is specially designed for use in the bathroom and or shower room. We offer both complete solutions or single panels so you can find the right option for you. Complete solutions come with everything you will need for installation, including panels, profiles, caps and seals. However, if you prefer to create your own layout, we do offer a single panel option with either an unlipped edge or a hydrolock edge, depending on your preferred finish.

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    Heritage Esher Matte Complete Solutions

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    Heritage Esher Matte Single Panels

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