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Franke is known for making high-quality products that stand the test of time. So you may be buying a simple drainer basket, but you're buying a drainer basket that is going to last the distance. It has a stainless steel construction with a plastic coating to really ensure sustained durability. Inside the drainer, there's an integral plate holder so you can stack plates easily and safely. There's plenty of other room around this section to allow you to dry multiple objects at the same time, so washing the dishes will be far simpler than having to contend with limited space and getting the worktop wet.

Length: 398mm
Width: 310mm

  • Suitable for Franke Infinito and Divida kitchen sinks
  • Finished in white to match contemporary kitchen design
  • Easy fit
  • Durable build

Care and Maintenance

Do not submerge the drainer basket fully in water. The reason for this is that constant immersion in hot water can shorten the life of the basket as the plastic coating will soften. Softened plastic means it will be easier to accidentally pierce it with a sharp object and allow hot water to sneak in, which can cause rusting over time. This doesn't mean you can't get the drainer basket wet, as that it was it is designed, it just means it shouldn't be consistently fully immersed in a sink full of water.



CE Approved

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Franke CM/IN White Drainer Basket Reviews

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4.7/ 5
9 reviews
  • Franky Panky
    5/ 5

    I wanted to replace my old basket because I bought a new Franke sink. The new basket is different in that the plate drainer section is integral whereas on my old basket it was a separate item. I prefer the new one as it is far easier to clean. I do think this type of product is rather expensive for what it is, but if it is as good as my old one which lasted years, it will be worth it.

  • Jonathan Robertson
    5/ 5

    We had a Franke sink fitted in our new kitchen about ten years ago. It came with a drainer basket which, over the years, had rusted underneath the white plastic coating. This replacement is apparently made of stainless steel, so should last for more than another ten years!

  • Aidyn Franco
    5/ 5

    This item was a replacement for a previous drainer same make and fits the Franke sink and draining board. Service from Plumbworld was excellent and the item arrived very quickly and securely packed.

  • Mrs Margaret Daisley
    5/ 5

    This was an identical one we have used for several years. Looked on internet and found just what we wanted to replace it and was very happy to receive such good service. Thank you.