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Danfoss RAS-C2 Thermostatic Radiator Valve


An important, problem-solving breakthrough in radiator thermostat (TRV) design has just been achieved.

Danfoss Randalls brand new and innovative Revolver flow selectable bi-directional TRV provides the 100% solution to wasted time and costs arising from call-backs and plumbing changes linked to bi-directional TRVs and water hammer.

The revolutionary Revolver valve, which addresses the shortcomings of all Manufacturer's current generation of bi-directional TRVs, incorporates a feature that allows the installer to change the direction of water flow through the valve simply by twisting a setting cap on the valve body. So if problems are experienced with water hammer, a simple turn of the setting ring will resolve the problem - no draining down, no cost, no loss of profit or reputation.

The RAS-C2 sensor is a stylish and compact replacement to the current RAS-C. High in quality and performance, and competitive in price, it is equally suited to both the domestic and contract markets.

  • Now with unique flow selectable bi-directional valve
  • New style sensor, compact and easy to fit
  • Radiator packs with matching lockshield valves also available
  • Available in 8/10 and 15mm sizes
CE Approved

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