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A domestic thermostat simply turns the heating system on and off. It works by sensing the temperature and turning on the heating when it falls below the thermostat setting then switching it off once this set temperature has been achieved.

Switching a room thermostat to a higher setting won’t make the room heat up any quicker. The speed of this depends on the design and age of the heating system, e.g. the size of boiler and amount of radiators.

The RET230 is a range of electric thermostats offering better thermal performance and status indication compared to electro-mechanical equivalents.

For ease of installation the RET230 is based upon a wall plate construction which is fitted and wired before the thermostat.

Features and Benefits:

  • Heater with electronic accelerator.
  • LED status indication for easy adjustability.
  • Voltage free outputs.
  • Night set-back option.

Technical Data:

  • Temperature range (°C): 5 - 10
  • Conforms to BS EN60730-2-9
  • Maximum ambient temp: 45°C
  • IP20


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