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Be Modern Electric Fires

The future is going to be run on electricity and old fuels like gas and oil will take the back burner. It’s inevitable but it’s not a bad thing. It’s a cleaner, more efficient way of heating out homes and these Be Modern electric fires are the perfect example. For a start they don’t require any cleaning, so no back breaking to get all of the burn residue out of them. They’re also really cheap to run and don’t give off harmful fumes. They also have the flexibility of being moved should you need to as there’s no chimney required. You also won’t lose any heat, getting 100% efficiency every time you use it.

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  2. Be Modern Bayden Classic Chrome Manual Control Chrome Electric Fire - 01947X

  3. Be Modern Bayden Classic Brass Manual Control Electric Fire - 19488

  4. Be Modern 25" Quattro Black Wall Mounted Remote Control Electric Fire - 35130

  5. Be Modern Athena Black Log Bed Electric Fire 16" - 13371X

  6. Be Modern Athena Chrome Electric Fire 16" - 133701

  7. Be Modern Fazer 16" Chrome Manual Control Electric Fire - 32859

  8. Be Modern Fazer 16" Brass Manual Control Electric Fire - 32840

  9. Be Modern Athena Chrome Log Bed Electric Fire 16" - 158453

  10. Be Modern Fazer 16" Black Manual Control Electric Fire - 32832

  11. Be Modern Mayfair Pebble/Chrome Manual Control Electric Fire 16" - 59366

  12. Be Modern Mayfair 16" Coal Bed/Chrome Manual Control Electric Fire - 59358

  13. Be-Modern-Amari-38-2kW-Black-Glass-Remote-Control-Electric-Fire-148768

    Best Seller!

    Be Modern Amari 38" 2kW Black Glass Fascia Remote Control Electric Fire - 148768

  14. Be Modern Mayfair 16" Coal Bed/Brass Manual Control Electric Fire - 59331

  15. Be Modern Orlando Wall Mounted 36" Flat Black Glass Manual Control Electric Fire - 32492

  16. Be Modern 34" Devonshire Timber Natural Oak Chrome Manual Control Electric Suite - 00510x

  17. Be Modern Carina 44" Ivory Manual Control Electric Suite - 5096

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