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Provide some added on-demand heat to your home with stunning stoves from Plumbworld. Plumbworld stoves are available in a number of different formats, from traditional wood burners right through to gas and electric stoves for something a little easier to maintain.

Stoves are ideal for those colder Autumn days when putting the heating on just isn’t an option. They can help by heating the main family room which, in turn, will help warm the rest of the property, reducing your overall heat output and, of course, your heating bill. Our range includes brands such as Avalon, Henley and Opus.

If you’re after a new or replacement stove, you’ll find an extensive range at Plumbworld for all budgets and fuels. Discover the ideal stove for your home today...


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    Multi Fuel Stoves

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    Wood Burning Stoves

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    Westfire Stoves

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  17. Dimplex Brayford Log Effect Electric Stove

  18. Dimplex Courchevel Log Effect Electric Stove 2kW White

  19. Dimplex Tango Coal Effect Remote Electric Stove Black

  20. Dimplex Club Log Effect Electric Stove FSC

  21. Dimplex Springborne Remote Coal Effect Electric Stove

  22. Be Modern Banbury Inset Electric Stove 16" Anthracite

  23. Hamlet Hardy 4 Multifuel Stove 4kW

  24. Dimplex Chevalier Log Effect Electric Stove

  25. Dimplex Stockbridge Coal Effect Remote Electric Stove Black

  26. Hamlet Hardy 5 Multifuel Stove 5kW

  27. Beltane Brue Multifuel 4kW Stove - Defra & Eco

  28. Beltane Chew Multifuel 4.6kW Stove - Defra & Eco

  29. Hamlet Solution Inset 5 Multifuel Stove 5kW

  30. Saltfire ST1 Black Freestanding Wood Stove 5kW - Eco Design & Defra Approved

  31. Hamlet Solution 7 Multifuel Stove 6kW

  32. Hamlet Solution Inset 7 Multifuel Stove 7kW

  33. Broseley Silverdale 5 SE Wood Stove

  34. Be Modern Broseley Lincoln Coal Effect Electric Stove Black

  35. Be Modern Ravensdale 42in Electric Fire - Country Oak top, Surround & Hearth

  36. Hamlet Solution 9 Multifuel Stove 9kW

  37. Hamlet Solution 11 Multifuel Stove 11kW

  38. Beltane Holford Multifuel Inset Stove with 4 Sided Frame - Defra & Eco

  39. Beltane Holford Multifuel Inset Stove with 3 Sided Frame - Defra & Eco

  40. Beltane Midford Multifuel 10kW Stove - Defra & Eco

  41. Saltfire ST1 Mohave Red Freestanding Wood Stove 5kW - Eco Design & Defra Approved

  42. Saltfire ST1 Vision Black Freestanding Wood Stove 5kW - Eco Design & Defra Approved

  43. Saltfire ST2 Black Freestanding Multi Fuel Stove 5kW - Eco Design & Defra Approved

  44. Saltfire ST1 Light Grey Freestanding Wood Stove 5kW - Eco Design & Defra Approved

  45. Be Modern Broseley Canterbury Coal Effect Electric Stove Black

  46. Saltfire ST1 Charcoal Grey Freestanding Wood Stove 5kW - Eco Design & Defra Approved

  47. Peanut 5 Black Freestanding Cast Iron Multi Fuel Stove 5kW - Eco Design & Defra Approved

  48. Saltfire ST-X4 Black Freestanding Multi Fuel Stove 4kW - Eco Design & Defra Approved

  49. Broseley Silverdale 7 SE Wood Stove

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Plumbworlds Very Handy Guide to Buying a Stove

When the weather isn’t cold enough to put on the heating but you’re still wanting a little more warmth in the house, a stove is a brilliant way to achieve this! Stoves will instantly create a stunning focal point in any room and will leave a warm and cosy ambience, something which we believe is highly valued in the colder, more chilly months of the year. For an added benefit, they also provide an efficient way to cut down the heating bills.

Let's Start With Stove Type…

Finding the right stove can be a daunting process, considering now that there are so many different options. Fortunately, you have us and we’re here to explain to you the different stove types that you may come across.

Wood Burning Stoves

As the name suggests, wood burning stoves primarily use wood for fuel and are a fantastic investment for your home. If used to replace an open fire, they have the potential to reduce your home’s carbon footprint by 14%! Wood burning stoves are generally made from a hardwearing all-metal construction, most commonly steel or cast iron. You will find that the main components of this stove type are the burn chamber and the flue aka the chimney. A wood-burning stove can help to create a lovely focal point in the living room, and logs burning will really help to create a traditional feel.

Gas Heating Stoves

Next on the list, we have gas heating stoves. These stoves are fairly similar to wood burning stoves, except that they’re specially designed to burn propane or natural gas instead of wood. Gas stoves offer ambient warmth from a simple flick of a button, allowing you to experience a heat increase and dancing flames instantly. You'll find that many gas fires are very realistic looking with artificial logs or coal and cast iron constructions. These stoves are a brilliant choice for those who like the idea of a wood burning stove but can't quite be bothered to light a fire each time they need one.

Multi Fuel Stoves

Multi-fuel stoves burn wood, smokeless fuel and coal. The design of these stoves have been greatly optimised over the years to accept a large number of fuel types, burning them as efficiently as possible. You’ll be able to choose from a number of different fuel suppliers, and therefore can choose the cheapest and nearest to you.

Electric Heating Stoves

Electric stoves are essentially just electric heaters but with the look and feel of a traditional heating stove. Unlike traditional stoves, they don’t operate by burning fuels but by using electricity. You will find that many of the models are portable and are capable of operating on a standard home electrical outlet. Some stoves also allow you to turn off the heating options so that you can just enjoy the look of the flames without having the heat!

Pellet Stoves

This type of stove efficiently and effectively converts biomass in the form of wood pellet fuel to heat while giving off almost no wood smoke. This kind of burning is much healthier for the environment! Pellet stoves are electronically sophisticated appliances that offer an environmentally friendly and low-cost heating option for your home.

Finding The Right Size Stove For You...

For a comfortable and relaxed room temperature, you need to ensure that you have the right size stove for your room. If you install a stove that is too large for your room, you will find yourself getting very uncomfortable, very quickly, and you’ll have to open a window to let some air in.

You will need approximately 1kW of heat output for every 14 cubic metres that you have. You can calculate this by measuring the length, width and height of your room and then multiply those figures together.

For example, a room that measures 7m long, 4m wide and has a height of 2.5m is 70 cubic metres. You then divide this by 14, resulting in a 5kW Stove.

Please note, this is just a rough guide, different factors such as the size of the windows, the number of outside walls and whether you have double glazing windows may also fluctuate the heat requirement. We do advise that you seek a professional to ensure you have the correct measurements.

 How Much Work Will You Need To Do?

This all relates to what type of stove you eventually go for. For example, A wood burning stove will take far longer to set up than an electric stove would. There are some people who love the feeling of laying a fire, maybe it’s because it reverts back to our caveman days of laying down the firewood to keep warm not only this but it’s also extremely therapeutic to do so.

However, there are others who simply just prefer the simple flick of a switch to turn on their electric fire. Electric fires are a great option for those who want warmth quickly and easily, making them great for busy family homes who don’t have time to lay the fire. There is no wrong answer, it’s all about personal preference, whether you prefer an old school wood burner, a real gas fire at the touch of a button or a plug-in electric stove, we have an option for all lifestyles.

Where Can A Stove Be Fitted?

You may be surprised to hear but a stove can be installed in just about any room of the house. Many of our stoves are freestanding so you can choose where to position them so you can make the most out of the heat. We advise that you install your stove either, against a wall, in an existing fireplace or in the centre of the room, flued through the ceiling. You can also get insert stoves which are to be fitted flush to the wall, between a dividing wall or an old fireplace opening. To ensure your stove is fitted correctly, we do suggest that you contact an adviser to ensure a safe and secure installation.