Aquari Digital Shower with Wall Mounted Fixed Head & Adjustable Head Kit

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Whats Included

What’s Included:

Aquari Digital Display

Full digital display

Mounted to your bathroom wall is the designer digital display. It gives you vital information like temperature output and the outlet that you're using so you always know how your shower is performing.

Aquari Two Outlets

Two outlets

That's right, with this digital shower valve you can use any one of the two outlets available whether that be the handset or the large drencher head setting. No matter how you like to bathe you'll always be comfortable! It really does provide you with the ultimate showering experience, all wrapped up in an easy to use and sleek looking controller.

Aquari Outlet Selection

Easy outlet selection

Changing between outlets couldn't be easier thanks to the user-friendly controller. Simply push the power button in and while holding it, rotate to swap between your chosen outlet. Only one outlet can be used at a time.

Thermostatic Stable Gauge

Precise temperature control

Standard showers can have hot temperature spikes when others in the house turn on taps or flush the toilet.

Thermostatic control means that this shower will hold its temperature steady at all times. It dynamically adjusts the hot and cold water offsetting the everyday changes in water pressure experienced in most family homes.

Aquari Colour Changing

Colour changing control

The Aquari digital shower helpfully shows you the temperature with it's soothing colour changing dial. It starts with blue for cold and cycles through to a red as it heats up.


Automatic shutdown

For a safer showering experience for all the family, this shower benefits from an innovative shutdown feature. This feature allows you to set a maximum temperature setting and an automatic shutdown will occur should the water temperature rise, saving you and your family from accidental scalding.

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Aquari Easy Installation

Easy to install

Our Aquari digital showers are no more complicated to install than a standard shower, they are a lot neater though! The processor and diverter are plugged into the mains and fitted neatly away somewhere like the loft or an airing cupboard. That leaves just the controller mounted to the wall.

Aquari Digital Mixing Valve

High pressure & combi boiler suitable

These showers are suitable for high pressure and combination boiler water systems. This means that they’re suitable for combination boiler or mains pressure systems where the supply pressure is in excess of 0.5 bar.

Aquari Large Wall Drencher

Large drencher head

There's no better way to simulate rainfall in your bathroom then with a large wall mounted drencher head. They allow for a stimulating yet relaxing rainfall sensation that's soothing enough to wash away anything that the day has thrown at you.

Thin Design

Thin Design

This shower head benefits from an ultra-thin design that will fully enhance the look of a contemporary styled bathroom. This shower head also features clever rub-clean nozzles which allow for the head to be easily cleaned.

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Adjustable pivot shower head

When showering you want the ability to adjust your shower to suit you. This fixed shower head doesn't have to stay in just one position, as it has pivoting part which allows you to tilt and adjust the angle of the head to just how you like it. 

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stainless steel

Stainless Steel Construction

This drencher shower head benefits from a 304 grade stainless-steel construction. Stainless steel is an ultra-durable material, it’s corrosion, scratch and tarnish-resistant – making it the perfect material for bathrooms where they’re constantly being used.

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Adjustable Shower Head on Riser Rail

There's nothing worse than being too tall or too short for a shower head, that's why this shower is attached to the riser rail with an adjustable holder. This allows you to move your shower head higher or lower, customising the height specific to each person who uses it!


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Riser Rail

Square Handset Shower Head

Shower handsets are an excellent benefit to your shower as they enable you to soak those ‘hard to reach’ places that an overhead shower can’t easily get to. This shower handset features a classically designed contemporary square head that provides ample water flow with a stylish aesthetic that won’t go amiss.

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Aquari Easy Clean Nozzles

Easy Clean Nozzles

Don't worry about limescale or grime in general building up on your shower head as you can simply wipe any deposits away with a cloth and some mild soapy water. Everyone wants to save time while cleaning and this is one of the easiest ways to do it.


Square Wall Elbow

No one wants a bulky and awkward shower sticking out from their wall, so concealed showers are a fantastic way of creating a simplistic minimalist look in your bathroom. This stylish square design wall elbow is for use with a concealed valve, as it is used to connect the pipework inside your wall to your shower hose.

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Flow rates

These valves are designed to be used with up to four different outlets. They are numbered from one to four, allowing you to pair your shower head, body jets, bath filler or drencher head with any outlet that you'd like.

Outlet 1 flow rates (litres/min):

  • 1 bar: 9.92
  • 2 bar: 19.2
  • 3 bar: 24.6
  • 4 bar: 28.8
  • 5 bar: 32.6
  • 6 bar: 34.86

Outlet 2 flow rates (litres/min):

  • 1 bar: 10.41
  • 2 bar: 19.86
  • 3 bar: 25.2
  • 4 bar: 29.4
  • 5 bar: 33.6
  • 6 bar: 35.76

Outlet 3 flow rates (litres/min):

  • 1 bar: 9.48
  • 2 bar: 17.7
  • 3 bar: 22.98
  • 4 bar: 27.0
  • 5 bar: 30.78
  • 6 bar: 33.6

Outlet 4 flow rates (litres/min):

  • 1 bar: 9.8
  • 2 bar: 18.0
  • 3 bar: 23.4
  • 4 bar: 28.2
  • 5 bar: 31.08
  • 6 bar: 34.02
CE Marked Product

CE marked product

This product has been CE marked to ensure full compliance with BS EN 14428. This means that not only is it suitable for the UK market but it's been rigorously tested for safety.

  • 1.5 Year guarantee




Components Complete Showers
Type Digital
Outlets Twin Outlet
Style Contemporary
Colour Chrome
Head Type Multiple
Low Pressure Suitable No
Combi Boiler Suitable Yes
High Pressure Suitable Yes
Mobile App Connectivity No
Amazon Alexa Connectivity No
Google Home Connectivity No
Spray Patterns 1
Water Feed Rear Wall Fed
Temperature Control Thermostatic Digital Mixer
Cool Touch No

Aquari Digital Shower with Wall Mounted Fixed Head & Adjustable Head Kit

£399.97 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Plumbworld Team
    5/ 5

    The Plumbworld Team are excited to introduce this new Aquari digital shower valve! It has cool touch controls for added safety for the whole family and they are also colour-changing! With this valve you don't need t ocompromise on safety or functionality!