The Aqualisa Vitalise SLX Electric shower is a sophisticated and multifunctional shower with an easy-to-use smart display. Not only is this shower stylish and contemporary, but it is also extremely energy efficient by not placing any demand on your household’s stored hot water. With an elegant White and Chrome finish, this shower is perfect for anybody looking for an eco-friendly, energy-efficient, stylish shower for your home.

Design Features:

  • Easy to Clean nozzles
  • Elegant White and Chrome finish
  • Luxury Chrome Hose – 1.25m length
  • Adjustable Height Slider
  • 4 push button heat settings
  • Click to select your spray pattern with ease
  • Gel hanger
  • Heat setting, Temperature and Shower duration indicators shown on an LCD display
  • Easy glide temperature control
  • Push start/stop button
  • Powerful 10kW Voltage

Safety features:

  • Heat sensor
  • Intelligent phased shutdown flushes out residual hot water
  • Low pressure warning

Product Features:

  • 95mm adjustable shower head with three spray patterns – Inner, outer, and middle
  • Suitable for mains cold water systems only
  • Only heats and uses hot water required, making it costefficient
  • Intelligent and stylish, Vitalise SLX comes with a European Water Label, so you can have a great shower and be ‘ecofriendly’ too


  • Electric
  • Pressure requirements – 0.7bar (@8lpm) minimum, 10bar maximum
  • Cable and Water entry points at the rear right, top and bottom of unit
  • Dimensions: Height – 325mm, Width – 225mm, Depth – 110mm
  • Mains Cold supply only: 5 25°C
  • Supply voltage: 230240V


2 Year Guarantee


Techincal Drawings


£167.33 (Inc. VAT)

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Aqualisa Vitalise SLX Electric Shower 10.5kw White/Chrome - VTE10521SLX Reviews

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5.0/ 5
1 reviews
  • Frank L.
    5/ 5

    This product is very impressive - much better than the Triton shower of the same supposed power. The heat up is practically instantaneous and the output although not in power shower territory is more than sufficient for a satisfyin shower. Well worth the money and has a real premium feel.