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  • Smart functional design
  • Single bowl with convenient drainer
  • Attractive silver-grey Granite composite
  • Solid aspect and cool feel
  • Impact-resistant and hard-wearing
  • Resistant to thermal shocks
  • Easy-to-clean uniform structure
  • Bacteria-repellent surface
  • Resistant to food and drink stains
  • Odour resistant kitchen sinks
  • For inset mounting only
  • One 9-cm (3.5-inch) outlet with British Standard Whitworth (BSW) thread
  • Pre-punched tap holes
  • Made in Italy
  • 10-year warranty

The Reginox Harlem 10 Silver Grey Granite Single Bowl Sink with Drainer is a very attractive and highly functional sink that will embellish any kitchen. The silver-grey Granite finish looks and feels luxurious and also has many useful properties which will ensure the good health of your family.

Reginox Harlem sinks are crafted from a high-quality hard-wearing product called Axigran. This unique material is formed by combining some of the finest granite aggregates in the world with resins and quartz particles which are sourced in the European Union. The resulting surface has an attractive uniform structure, a cool, solid feel, and some exceptional properties.

Axigran Reginox sinks are incredibly hard and durable. They can even withstand violent impacts unscathed. Also, the Reginox Harlem 10 Silver Grey Granite Single Bowl Sink with Drainer is thermal shock-resistant so you can place hot saucepans directly onto it without causing marks or damage. They are also resistant to scratches and food and drink stains. In addition, Harlem sinks have a non-porous surface which does not permit bacteria growth. Axigran surfaces meet EN 13310 standards, have a certificate of Radiation Hygiene, a certificate of quality for health, and a certificate of NIH (State Health Establishment). This sink is easy to keep clean and guarantees your family’s health.

The Reginox Harlem 10 Silver Grey Granite Single Bowl Sink with Drainer has a single standard drain hole, comes with pre-punched tap holes, and is designed for inset mounting. The quality of materials and craftsmanship of Reginox sinks has earned them a worldwide reputation and this sink is backed by a full 10-year guarantee.

10 Year Guarantee



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