Multipanel Bathroom Wall Panel Profiles

Multipanel profiles for easy installation

If you plan to improve your bathroom interior with shower panels, you cannot miss the multipanel shower panel profiles. Shower panel profiles ensure the shower panels are perfectly fitted together to provide waterproof feature and maintain the clean seamless appearance. So they are an integrated part of modern bathroom interior where shower panels are concerned. We offer mainly two types of shower panel profiles - internal corner profiles and end cap profiles of polished silver, satin silver and white finish. The Multipanel internal corner profiles are used to easily install your wall panels with a watertight seal. These corner profiles are for internal use only. They help to protect the shower panels from water intake, whilst adding the modern flair and stylish appearance. And the end cap profiles are used to protect the edges of the wall panels from water leakage and causing damage and they certainly enhance the look of your décor with the silver and white finished elegant detailing. By using our silicone sealant, you can ensure that your shower interior walls are fully watertight and protected. For that added peace of mind, Multipanel show panel profiles come with a 1-year manufacturer guarantee.

  1. Multipanel Internal Corner Profile Type A

  2. Multipanel End Cap Profile Type C

  3. Multipanel Bath and Shower Seal Kit - MPSEAL

  4. Multipanel Flush Corner Profile Type 100

  5. Multipanel External Corner Profile Type B

  6. Multipanel Continuous Joint Profile Type D

  7. Multipanel Wet Floor Base Profile Type X Satin Anodised - MPBPSA

  8. Multipanel Quadrant End Cap Profile Type

  9. Multipanel Last Panel Profile Type Y