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Designed to be compatible with the Mira Adept range of showers, this is a very useful addition to your shower which can be used in many different ways. This accessory comprises of a bracket which fits into the shower, and a plastic storage block which can be used to store soap or many other items which you need close to hand while showering. The design is plain and simple, and will blend in with many styles of bathroom. It can be mounted tot the control valve of the shower or onto the wall as preferred.

Chrome Support Ring

This shower storage is made from chrome plated metal, and the storage box is high quality glass effect plastic which is green in colour. The storage box has a slot in the bottom to let water drain out when using as a soap dish, and the lit fits on the box securely if using for other items. This is a practical and stylish addition to your Mira shower, and will provide useful storage in the bathroom.

  • A modern high-quality storage solution
  • For use with the Mira Adept BRD models
  • The Store module adds convenience to your showering space
  • 1 year guarantee
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CE Approved

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