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Japanese Deep Soak Baths

A Japanese soaking tub offers a wonderfully immersive experience for you to enjoy in your own bathroom. Unlike baths we are most familiar with, a Japanese bath is narrower but much deeper. This means you can sit upright in water, submerged from your chest downwards, while the thermal layers keep the water warmer for longer. Designed for deep relaxation, this is the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day!

Find a Japanese soaking tub online at Plumbworld 

Here at Plumbworld, we offer an excellent range of Japanese baths for you to choose from. Due to their compact size, they are often the perfect fit for smaller bathrooms - so, whether you have a small ensuite, an apartment or are simply struggling for space, a Japanese soaking tub could be the perfect solution for you. Along with different sizes available, we also have Japanese baths with jets, whirlpool features and ambient LED lighting, so you can create your own oasis of relaxation - find yours at an unbeatable price now!

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What is a Japanese Soaking Tub?

A Japanese soaking tub is a different kind of bathing experience than most of us are used to. Unlike our longer and shallower western bathtubs, a Japanese soaking tub is more compact in width and length, but is much deeper. So deep, in fact, that you can be submerged in water up to your neck! 

It may seem like an odd prospect but Japanese deep soak baths are becoming more and more popular in domestic properties, especially over the last two or three years due to shrinking bathroom sizes. That being said, they can be just as practical if not more so than a standard horse-trough shaped bath that we’ve come to know well. Whilst they allow for normal bathing they’re also great for soaking in for long periods of time due to their added heat retention. This is all down to their fantastically clever manufacturing process.

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Japanese Bath Layers

The different layers help to insulate the bath better keeping the water and you warmer for longer, and because you can fully submerge the top half of your body up to your neck, they provide a relaxing place to meditate the evening away.

Our Japanese deep soak baths can be purchased as either square or rectangular shapes so getting just the right fit for the space you have available is easy. You even have the choice between a standard bath or a whirlpool version with numerous jet configurations to hit every single sensory spot.

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How to Use a Japanese Soaking Tub

Based on ancient Japanese bathing traditions when tubs were made from fragrant cypress wood, Japanese soaking tubs are designed to be used sitting upright. Traditionally, they would also use hotter water, and you would rinse yourself down first before getting in. This is a big difference from our current idea of bathing, in which we typically would want to lie down in the water while we clean ourselves. 

However, it’s important to remember that Japanese soaking tubs are meant to be used for relaxation, not for a quick clean in the morning! Just as you would unwind in a hot spring or a hot tub, a Japanese bath is more of a cleansing of the soul - to help you enjoy the benefits of the deep, warm water that can relieve stress, improve circulation and even ease back pain. 


How Deep is a Soaking Tub?

In order to completely submerge the bather in water, Japanese soaking tubs have generous depths of around 600mm or 23 inches. 


Are Japanese Soaking Tubs Comfortable?

When considering how comfortable Japanese soaking tubs are, it’s important to remember that they offer a different bathing experience to what we are used to in the west. If you are expecting to be able to lie down and stretch out in the tub, you might be surprised! Japanese soaking tubs are designed to be sat in while you simply unwind - many have water jets and LED lighting to help you do just this. 


Can you use a bath screen?

The simple answer is yes, you can use a bath screen but we would always recommend that all dimensions are checked before you buy to ensure that it will fit. The edge of the bath is flat so providing the size is right you shouldn't have any issues whatsoever.

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