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Kitchen waste disposal units are handy gadgets that can reduce the amount of waste that your kitchen produces on a weekly basis. InSinkErator have a sterling reputation for producing some of the best disposal units on the market today, and the Model 56 is no exception.

The Model 56 will break down unrecyclable kitchen waste – such as chicken bones and bread crusts – into tiny fine particles that are then quickly flushed away down your drain. The brilliant thing about this is that it means less kitchen waste going in your bin, which means less trips to empty it outside and less waste ending up in a landfill. So having a waste disposal unit is a great benefit both for you and the environment.

A huge benefit with the Model 56 is that it’s even quieter than other InSinkErator models, giving you all the benefits with less noise.


  • A convenient and hygienic system.
  • Grinds food down quickly and efficiently. The ground down particles are then flushed away into your drain system.
  • Minimises trips to the outside bin to empty your kitchen bin.
  • Environmentally friendly as less waste will end up in landfills.
  • Its compact nature makes it simple to fit underneath your existing kitchen sink without taking up too much valuable storage space.
  • Quick to install in new or existing kitchens. It will fit the majority of sinks.
  • Covered by a 3-year manufacturer guarantee.


  • Operated via a chrome built-in air switch, that can quickly be installed onto your kitchen sink.
  • A removable sound baffle. This will reduce the amount of noise that your waste disposal unit makes.
  • Operates with 1-stage grind technology to quickly break down kitchen waste.
  • Continuous feed.
  • Powered by a high-torque Dura-Drive® induction motor.
  • Uses stainless steel grind elements for a long-lasting grind.
  • Overload protection.
  • Faster and easier installation with a Quick Lock® mounting assembly.
  • Cast lugs.
  • Manual reset motor overload protection.

Key technical information:

  • Single phase motor.
  • Intermittent time rating.
  • The upper and lower bearings are coated with a permanent lubrication.
  • Approximate shipping weight: 8.1kg.
  • Overall height: 318mm.
  • Grind chamber capacity: 980ml.
  • Average water usage: Approximate 4.0 litres per person per day.
  • Average electrical usage: 3-4 KWH per year.
  • Drain connection: 1-1/2” (38.1mm).
  • Includes a dishwasher drain connection.
Made in the USA
CE Approved

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Insinkerator Waste Disposal Model 56

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Insinkerator Waste Disposal Model 56 Reviews

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4.9/ 5
21 reviews
  • Sherif Habashi
    5/ 5

    We had an Insinkerator 45 fitted by a plumber a few years ago. When it finally packed up I decided to upgrade to this unit and hoped it would be easy to fit myself with only modest DIY skills. Nothing could have been easier. Once the old unit was removed, I was able to pop the new one in in no time at all. I absolutely love the air switch. My wife used to be quite reluctant to use the old waste disposal, but with the air switch neatly fitted into the sink top, she loves it and uses it regularly. All in all, I am thoroughly delighted.

  • Andy Brown
    5/ 5

    Bought this monster following a decision from our council to reduce the frequency of our bin collections. Pleased to say it was an absolute dream to install, so easy! Using it is brill, our bin now only contains cellophane wrappers, so even when full doesn't weigh anything. 1 month on, bedded in nicely, quiet considering it isn't a 'quiet model', no smells, no issues, all is well. Plumbworld service and delivery was exceptional also, we will definitely consider them for future plumbing tasks!

  • Shaun McNeill
    5/ 5

    After many hols to the USA, finally got one of these, and it is brill, just like being back in the USA, the home of the Labour saving device. Been using it now for 2 months and it is one of those things, once you have had it a while you wonder how you did without one, this model seems to work fine for our family, we have 5 kids so quite a few left overs and food waste in general, would highly recommend this to anyone.

  • Linda Shea
    5/ 5

    Whilst remodelling our kitchen we were persuaded to have a look at a waste disposal unit for the simplicity and added hygiene of food disposal. The insinkerator 56 is a great addition and manages to munch almost everything (large bones excluded) we put in it. No more smelly bags of waste food! When we looked around for the cheapest supplier Plumbworld were the clear winner and the delivery was very fast.

  • Monica Gould
    5/ 5

    Seen these on a recent trip to New Zealand where alot of houses have them. Thought it was a great idea so decided to look them up when back in the UK. Plumbworld was the cheapest I found online so decided to try one. Simple to order and product arrived quickly. Installation was quite easy and the performance has been great so far. No more messy kitchen bin bags from scraping plates etc. Recommend

  • Keith Elliott
    5/ 5

    This was a replacement for a previous model which had started to leak water from the motor housing when activated. Plumbworld not only had the lowest price but also delivered very quickly. very pleased with the performance of the new model and also the excellent service. Thanks Plumbworld

  • Debra Wolthuis
    5/ 5

    Can't comment on the product yet as it's still in its box! However I can review the purchase process....... The purchase was trouble free, customer service was excellent, delivery was also trouble free. All in all exemplary and I would highly recommend Plumbworld.

  • Michael Green
    5/ 5

    The installation manual states that this model comes with both chrome and satin finishes for the air switch.You can choose which one suits your kitchen. Mine came with only the chrome finish. Plumbworld were not helpful. But Insinkerator sorted it out.

  • KEVE
    5/ 5

    Absolutely delighted with this quality item. This waste disposal system has been in-situ for a few days now and is working wonderfully doing everything that was promised on the packet. Well done Plumbworld as ever the service provided was outstanding.

  • KJL
    5/ 5

    Bought from Plumbworld at a very competitive price and delivery was prompt. Unit was easy enough to fit once correct piping connections were sought and works well. Should have fitted one long before now.

  • Matt Baldock
    5/ 5

    very pleased with price and speed of delivery. excellent web site and easy to search, check spec and then order. very pleased with product (as is customer)and with customer service.

  • Grahame Crossley
    5/ 5

    Delivery service excellent.Price very competitive saving over £100 compared to a competitor.Very happy to use Plumbworld in the future,in fact they would be my first call.

  • Elizabeth Thorley
    5/ 5

    Brilliant service. Love love love my waste disposal unit. It’s saving me from having smelly food waste in my kitchen. So easy to use, I’d recommend it to everyone.

  • John Hunting
    5/ 5

    Very pleased with this item which has replaced a very old similar one. Very helpful advice from staff prior to purchase and swift delivery.

  • Paul read
    5/ 5

    Bought one for our daughter we’ve had the 45model for 6trouble free years hope she has the same .brilliant product