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Heritage Delano Oak

Oak is an ever-popular choice for interiors due to its classic woodgrain and soft beige-brown shades of colour. The Heritage Delano Oak design boasts with style with the cool brown colour and intricate woodgrain pattern that look just like the real thing. Real wood in a bathroom is extremely difficult to upkeep due to the amount of heat and water in the air, causing it to warp and rott. Of course, there are ways of protecting the wood but they are costly and time-consuming, which is why Multipanel is a fantastic alternative! Multipanel Bathroom Wall Panels are made from waterproof plywood that is covered in a patterned durable laminate, giving you the real wood effect without breaking the bank. The panels are super easy to install, simply fasten to the wall with adhesive and seal, cutting out the time of tiling and the mess of grouting! If you’d like to test Multipanel in your bathroom before you buy then you can purchase our Multipanel Heritage Delano Oak Sample so you can see the design and colour in person. If you have a large area you’d like to cover then purchase our Heritage Delano Oak Single Panels, so you can choose how many you need and which edges you need to complete your design: choose the unlipped straight edge (for corners) and the hydrolock tongue and groove edge to join panels together seamlessly. Alternatively if you have a standard corner or alcove you’d like to install Multipanel then our complete solutions are the perfect choice as they come with everything you need to install. Choose from Multipanel Classic Heritage Delano Oak Solution for Corner Installations (2 walls) and Multipanel Classic Heritage Delano Oak Solution for Alcove Installations (3 walls), both coming with panels, profiles, end caps, seal kits, adhesive and sealant.

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    Heritage Delano Oak Complete Solutions

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    Heritage Delano Oak Single Panels

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